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Day Use and Picnic Areas in Western North Carolina see Things to Do

Due to good weather, the swimming pool will remain OPEN until Sunday, October 1.

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Looking for a local, pick-your-own farm in North Carolina?

Find a pick your own farm near you! This website provides local listings of pick your own (also called U-pick or PYO) farms in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other countries. There are crop calendars for each local area to tell you what is available to pick throughout the year, local weather forecasts and really easy illustrated directions to show you how to make jam, jelly, salsa, pickles, spaghetti sauce, applesauce, apple butter and 150 other recipes with step-by-step directions to can, freeze, dry or preserve the harvest.

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Data within these web pages is PRIVATE and is intended for Winsome Forest Members. Data may not be published, used or sold without written permision from a Director of the Winsome Forest Homeowner's Association.

Winsome Forest Annual HOA Meeting

All Winsome Forest Home Owners:

Next Tuesday evening, January 30 we will hold our annual HOA meeting. Time is 7:00 PM at the Bethany fire station just outside our entrance on Rt 158. Please plan to attend this once a year event. HOA finances will be discussed, Team Leaders will present their plans for 2018 events, and you'll have ample time for questions, comments and discussion. We will hold the meeting to no more than one hour. We especially encourage all our newcomers to attend and see how our community operates.

Joe White, Director

Safety and Security

Safety and Security and Emergencies, call 911 then click here


Concern homeowners reports an owl had suffered from pesticide poisoning according to animal control. "Chemical pest control products, or pesticides, are designed to eliminate these threats; however, they also present significant risks of their own, not only to the environment but also to humans."

CC&R's and our Architectual Form

Use this link:CC&Rs and Architectual Form

What are CC&Rs? The covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) are the governing documents that dictate how the homeowners association operates and what rules the owners -- and their tenants and guests -- must obey.

Rules that effect all Homeowners are discussed, including property alterations, definitions of "Nuisances", potentially hazardous or toxic materials, fences, roads, off-road vehicles.

Request a Repair

In the advent of an damaged or non-function Street light, please request a repair. through Duke Energy.

School Bus Pickups

Starting Monday, September 10th, 2016, the express bus for the middle and high school will be making 3 stops in Winsome Forest in the morning and in the afternoon as well as a 4th stop at the entrance to the pool parking lot.

Please be aware that along with more neighborhood traffic there will be many kids walking to these stops between 6:40am-6:55am and 3:25pm-3:40pm.

Please make sure if you are leaving or entering the neighborhood between these times, that you watch your speed and look out for the kids!

Latest General Newsletter

Latest General Newsletter

Our Pond

Recently, we had our pond water analyzed by the NC Agricultural extension in Rockingham to assess its possible phosphorous or nitrogen levels and any possible effluents that may be coming from our neighbor's Walker Lake farm, east of us. The results show there are no elevated levels of phosphorous or nitrogen nor are their any Effluents or animal wastes. The ncda lab engineer Jason Byrd explained we should have little trouble ridding our pond of the watermeal bloom (the green aquatic plant that is blanketing our pond.) To read the ncda lab report. Click here (requires Acrobat reader)

Road Conditions-Maintenance

Our roads are maintained by North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). To contact them about possible road problems use https://www.ncdot.gov/contact/

They deal with potholls and missing signage.
or call(1-877-368-4968)

Where We Are

Winsome Forest is located near Greensboro just across the Guilford County line in Rockingham County on Hwy 158. Take Hwy 220 North coming from Greensboro to Hwy 158. Turn right onto Hwy 158 and travel 5 miles and Winsome Forest will be on your left.

Take 220 N. to Strawberry Road. Right onto Hwy 150 to Lake Brandt Road. Turn left onto Lake Brandt Road and go to Witty Road and turn right. Take Witty Road to Hwy 158. Turn right on Hwy 158 and go approximately 1 mile. Winsome Forest will be on your left. If you go past Flintrock Farm, you went too far,

Or if you are coming from downtown, take Church Street North from Greensboro. Turn left on Hwy 158.

Winsome Forest will be on the right just past Flintrock Farm and Greensboro National Golf Course.

For more info Directions and Maps.     Lose Something? Check Lost and Found


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Road Conditions

New Greensboro, NC Traffic and Road Conditions

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