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Dear Neighbors,

We are now organized to run our community. We have people who volunteered to be on various Teams, that represent the neighborhood. The Covenants state we need 2 Directors, and that will be Chris Steere and Joe White, 2-year term. The Team Leaders, and 2 Directors will make-up the Steering Committee that will work with Yearns & Associates, our developer (Declarant). Bill Yearns does have final say on all Architectural matters, and any other issues relating directly to the Covenants. Please keep the Teams list handy, and if you have any comments, complaints, suggestions in the future, contact a member of the appropriate Team, and/or one of the Directors.

Going forward we have many projects and initiatives that will be pursued to keep Winsome a great place to live. Each Team will outline their plans to all as things arise. Some of the things we hope to do are have more social events, for adults and kids - build a covered pool deck in the near future - improve the playground - form a Neighborhood Watch group - spruce up the landscaping - crack-down on speeders, etc. We will do what is needed to protect everyones' investment in this community.

Please know that every dues paying homeowner has a voice in the running of Winsome Forest. If you would like to serve on one of the Teams, contact a Team Leader and sign-on, the more the merrier. Please note that the pool will close this year on September 30. And our next annual meeting will be in late January, 2012.

Best regards to all,
Joe White
Chris Steere

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