Winsomeforest Newsletter - Monday, June 12, 2017

Dear Winsome Forest Home Owner:

We are sending this News Letter electronically this time. Now that summer is finally here, there are some policies and reminders we'd like to address.


The large shade umbrella has been replaced, sand bags will hopefully prevent the damage sustained this past winter. When you use the umbrellas at the pool, please always remember to fold them up before you leave. Please put cushions back on the chairs and treat all the furniture with care - it's very expensive. Always lock the gate both coming and going - only authorized owners and their children allowed to enter. Keeping the gate locked is a mandatory safety precaution so that youngster don't wander out of the pool area. Pick-up your trash, use the two garbage containers please. If garbage is left out or overflowing in the containers, the crows spread it all over the area. Items left at the pool (goggles, mask, floats, towels, etc) will be discarded after 48 hours if not claimed. No smoking in the pool area. No glass allowed inside the pool area. Only 4 guests allowed per family, if you plan on more, clear it with Lori Ashley or myself. And a member at least 16 years old must accompany any guest. Pool hours will be 9:00AM til 8:00 PM - this allows us time to pull maintenance on the pool and surrounding area. We've had several instances of youths gathering after closing hours, and if seen please report to the Sheriff's office as it is a safety issue. All must exit the pool in the event of lightning and/or thunder. Schedule for "pool parties" will be posted in the window near the phone, and also published on NextDoor and Facebook. Please e-mail Lori Ashley   for a reservation.


State law prohibits unregistered vehicles on State maintained roads - our streets. 4-wheelers, golf carts, etc are not to be operated inside Winsome. Report offenders to the Sheriff's department. Keep garbage carts closed, and if yours is damaged and won't stay shut, contact Waste Management for a new one to stop the garbage spills we see on Thursdays. PLEASE watch your speed this summer, many children are out, playing, swimming at the pool, etc. Speed limit is 25 MPH thruout Winsome. Trailers, boats, campers, etc are to be out of sight from the roadway. If you are in violation, please correct this. EVERYONE - if you observe suspicious persons or behavior in our neighborhood, report it immediately to the Sheriff's office at 911. As a Community Watch neighborhood, we get good response from Rockingham officers, and they have encouraged us to contact them at the 911 number.


A separate memo will be sent outlining fishing policy .

We look forward to a great summer here in the Forest, and thank you for your co-operation on all these matters. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact myself or any of our Steering Committee members, all addresses listed below. And you can always get good info on what's happening by using our website.

Joe White, Director
Deidra Jones, Social  Deidra Jones
Lori Ashley,  Pool
Chris Steere,  Finance
Steve Salkow, Architechure
Pete Denny,  Grounds
Jason Dalton,  Communications
Darin Quesinberry,  Security/Community Watch

Winsome Forest HOA